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Fitness app designed to improve the

training experience in public fitness facilities.

Concept project | UX/UI | ‘Create’ school


Nowadays you can find outdoor gym facilities for use by the general public in almost any playground or local park. The use of these facilities is completely free and almost anyone can practice them without the need for special preparation or financial cost.

so... what is the problem?

Trainees who want to make use of public fitness facilities
do not persist in training.

The consequence

the cause

The trainee is on his own, without guidance or a structured program.

The trainee feels that his training isn't professional and effective enough.

The trainees aren't familiar with all the training options on the equipment and get bored quickly.

Trainees do not achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Trainees might cause themselves injuries and physical damage.

Frustration and abandonment.

Market research
Conclusions & Recommendations

I reviewd different apps from parallel fields, addressing the same target audience: Outdoor facilities fitness apps, Gym workout apps, Outdoor/Indoor fitness and exercise apps, Healthy lifestyle changing (mindfulness, maditation, yoga, healthy nutrition and quit smoking) apps.

In addition, I read studies and articles on how to increase workout motivation.

All while keeping in mind 3 main challenges:

USER research
Conclusions & Recommendations

I interviewed 10 people between the ages of 22-40 in varied levels of fitness and use outdoor facilities to get a batter sense of the users needs and pain points.


Men &





How can we get the user to train on
a regular basis with the app?

How can we get the user to complete
a workout with the app?

Gamification & Competition

We will create an element of game and competition, in order to raise training motivation (examples from reviewed apps: participation in variable training challenges, appearing on a scoreboard with an opportunity to win prizes), rewarding the user with points, badges or medals on training and progressing.

Monitoring & Recording progress
We will create a visual display of of the user’s progress and achievements in order
to raise motivation to continue working out.

Common ground
The user will be able to join a training group that have a common goal or denominator
(diabetics, weight loss, etc.)


How can we get the user to market
and distribute the app?

Support & Encouragement
We will enable the user to share with others his workout achievements, send invites to

share training tips, follow and cheer friends also using the app - increasing a sense of community and support.

Joint training
We will plan an option for training with a friend or a group of friends so they can persevere each others workout motivation.

Short registration & immediate start
We will create a short onboarding registration process, asking only the 
necessary questions in advance, leading to an immediate start of training.

We will offer content based on the user needs and preferences, with the
option to set personal goals that vary according to his progress.

Exercise in outdoor gym is usually done early in the morning or in the afternoon.

Trainees prefer the spontaneous and free feeling of training outside at any day or hour, unlike indoor gym.

Trainees arrive for training by foot, running or cycling.

Trainees choose their workout park based on proximity to their home or current location, general atmosphere and the facilities in the park.

Trainees prefer the training in outdoor facilities because it uses body weight and not weights, they’re goal is to strengthen the body, be fit and not necessarily gain bigger muscles.

In order to prevent trainees from abandoning the app it is important to keep the exercises diverse on a regular basis.

THe product


Fitness app designed to improve the training experience in public fitness facilities.


Men and women between the ages of 18-45, healthy in general,

that wants to persist training in the public fitness facilities.

the value

Persistence in fitness training,

which will lead to an improve in health and quality of life.


A sense of control and comfort (saving time and effort).

the goal

Stage 1

Get the user to complete a first workout using the app.

Stage 2

Get the user to return exercising using the app.

Stage 3

Get the user to add a friend to the workout.


Roi, 30

General: Lives in Tel Aviv-Yafo, works as a project manager in the field of construction, generally healthy.


Motivation: Roi believes that at his age he should strengthen his body and maintain a regular training routine, adopting a healthier lifestyle, that will help him release stress and feel more alert and vital during the day.

In the past he trained a little in the gym but would like to workout at an outdoor fitness facilities. He doesn’t want to commit to an expensive gym membership, to train in a closed space and he is not looking necessarily to gain bigger muscles. It is important for him to combine the training with cycling to the beach, to arrive at any time he wants and to enjoy the atmosphere and the people around. He knows some exercises from friends and social media but he wants a structured and effective plan.

Roi hears about ‘WorkOUT’ from a friend and downloads the app.

wire framing & design


A short onboarding registration process, asking only the necessary questions in advance and producing

a content based on the user needs and preferences.

Finding a Gym

Locating an outdoor fitness gym according to current location or a given address with the option to view the park and the facilities.

Best time to workout

The user can plan when to workout, taking in mind the forecast and crowd level at the park.

Workout friends

By turning on his status the user can let his friends know that he is working out at the moment so they can workout together.

How to do it right

A visual demonstration of the exercise, along side textual explanation with emphasis on how to preform it correctly.


The user can view his progress and achievements after every workout he completes.